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About Cheryl

Hello, my name is Cheryl Jackson. Welcome to my site. I am a graphic designer by profession going on 20 something years now. Through the years, I have acquired many skills (one of which is my love for photography) and grown while seeking my creative niche. By chance, or I must say Providence,  I stumbled upon a wealth of swatch fabrics and thus the designing of handmade items graced with vintage jewelry was born.  

So, in deciding upon this specific creative outlet to focus upon, I have chosen to express life's journey by designing unique items, photographing the world around me and the people that cross my path.

About Clean Slate Photo
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My Favorite Things

I am a big fan of Star Trek, Stargate and Heartland, always enjoy the ocean and am ever awed by the mountains. My favorite color is blue and my favorite dessert hang out iis Cookout (their shakes are awesome!).

My loves are Christ, my hubbie Todd
and my dog Max.

The meaning behind the name Clean Slate Photo and Creative is simple. Every day is fresh and new. Every day is a blessing from God. He gives us a clean slate through the sacrifice of His Son on the cross. This sacrifice once and for all took away every one of our sins past, present and future. A clean slate = a new life, redeemed and restored. Praise God!


The mission is to encourage women in every walk of life by capturing and expressing life’s moments in an artsy and unique way and to share the journey God has for me.

I am on Social Media, so feel free to visit me there as I share my journey.



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Creatively               Expressing

Life's Journey

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