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The Cook Family - A Christmas Blessing

Updated: May 13, 2020

I was so blessed to be asked to photograph this wonderful family. I must admit, this was the largest family group I had photographed so far and I was a bit nervous. I am a bit of an intervert and lots of people tend to make me uneasy, but I pushed forward and prepared as much as possible. First, to scout the area and envision the shots, second to peruse Pinterest for posing ideas and third lots of prayer.

This family of 11 coming from different walks of life: military, work, school, all came together for a fun session. And to top it all, the supposed rainy weather turned out beautiful blue skies - in December! Yeah, welcome to the south! God is good.

One of the things I love about photographing photo sessions is getting to know the people. So many different personalities I saw in front of my lens: quiet beautiful young ones, energetic young adults, full of life young ladies and dapper young men. No matter what is happening behind family lines, I am thankful that this day, all is set aside to enjoy a special couple hours having fun in each other's company.

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